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You have been dreaming of your senior year of high school for a while now…. and probably your senior photos as well.  You may also be asking yourself what the heck is all this talk about Model Teams and Rep Teams for photographers that you are seeing and asking yourself why you would need to […]

Why should I join a senior model team?

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I absolutely LOVE living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  As a photographer there are so many different looks and vibes I can create for a session.  My high school senior clients have a variety of tastes and I have a ton of spots that I love to use in the area for their portraits… so […]

Things are a bit crazy in the world right now. I usually try to keep things positive but feel like this blog post is a must to look back at where we were during this time as a country.  A Pandemic.  This is a point in time where things will be remembered as before COVID […]

I had a blast working with my amazing & uber talented makeup artist. Melissa Diaz of Pearls of Beauty  We loved getting creative with some of her new, fresh, fun, and neon colors of makeup!  As a child of the 90’s it warms my heart to see these fun eye colors coming back in style.  […]

For our team concept shoot we decided to channel our inner Stranger Things vibes and visit a local arcade with games from the 80s and 90s!  FREE PLAY Richardson is such an awesome place…with everything from Qbert to PacMan and Centipede my inner 80s girl was so happy!  We rented the arcade and the team […]

Another concept shoot from a classic film… Mean Girls!  Both of the recent concepts were done with my model teams using the theme of REPUTATION.  Reputation is so important… but is your reputation a real reflection of who you truly are?  These Class of 2018 Seniors were perfect for this challenge shoot!  So excited to […]

It is BACK TO SCHOOL time!  Many of my Class of 2016 Senior clients are starting their first days of college… and a new group of incoming seniors are starting their last year in high school,  so I think this guest blog post from GURU ACADEMIC ADVISING is both timely and helpful.  I have personal experience […]

I am so thrilled to announce my first winning entry in the amazingly this amazingly talented group of photographers!  Senior’s Ignite is a nationwide group of extremely talented High School Senior Photographers and I am honored beyond belief to have won the title of MASTERS SERIES for my work on this project!  It’s all about […]

As a photographer I am always trying to grow my skill set and challenge myself.  I am a part of an amazing group of photographers across the country that takes part in monthly lighting challenges and image critiques.  I had never shot at night before and had always wanted to try, so this particular challenge […]

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