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DFW Photographer – Senior Model Spotlight – Madelaine

I just love to laugh and be silly so I must say I hit it off with my Madelaine right away!  She is a true beauty with heart of gold.  She is a varsity cheerleader at Nolan Catholic High School and is full of energy and positive vibes!  Honestly we were cracking up and had a blast during her “10 min modeling session” and I was so glad she was up to try a new location… even if it meant I had to go off road a bit!  But the result was the fact that she got to be “Queen of the Sticks” if even for a few minutes!

We recently finished her actual SENIOR SESSION and she will be coming in for her image reveal this week and I am SO EXCITED to show her all the beautiful images we got!  We survived a wind tunnel in Downtown Fort Worth and also many enthusiastic on-lookers (you are such a trooper Madi) and many of bugs in a glorious white flower field near Fort Worth…and the end result was gorgeous!  See you soon!

But for now… here is a sneak peek at the mini session we did!



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