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COVID19 Our World At The Moment

Things are a bit crazy in the world right now.

I usually try to keep things positive but feel like this blog post is a must to look back at where we were during this time as a country.  A Pandemic.  This is a point in time where things will be remembered as before COVID and after COVID.  Our kids will one day tell their kids about it and share their own personal stories about how it affected them.  Our Class of 2020 seniors will remember so many things being cancelled.  Unfortunately, It’s Corona Time 🙁

My Class of 2020 model team of graduating seniors have been deeply affected.  Many of their senior year events that they have been looking forward to are cancelled… banquets, proms and possibly even the actual graduation ceremony itself.  But, in this crazy time I am so encouraged by the GOOD things that are happening… families spending time together (we have no choice since we have been ordered to stay at home), meals at the dinner table together, baking together (lots and lots of baking together), craft time, multiple daily walks and honestly a new found appreciation for the small things.

First, here is a collage idea I did with my Class of 2020 team… since we were still in quarantine each person was assigned a word and sent me their photo to assemble into this message to encourage others to stay home and stop the spread.


So I decided to poll my Class of 2020 Seniors as a way to remember where they are at in all of this….

here are the responses I received































































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