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Senior Photos in Dallas: Caden

I often feel like guys don’t get enough attention when it comes to senior photos!

While the majority of my clients are senior girls, I really love working with guys and I think they want amazing senior photos just as much as the girls do! But, just in a different way. They may not start pinning ideas their Freshman year like some girls do or shop for months for the perfect outfit, but at the end of the day, guys also want a session that is a reflection of who they are and what they love. And, of course, they want to look cool and feel confident in the process.

Caden was no exception. I was thrilled when he wanted to bring his awesome car to the session and knew the perfect graffiti-filled location to match the vibe as well as provide a couple of different looks while staying in the same area. He had the perfect outfits that were exactly his style and we were able to custom fit the locations to match! Honestly, when he showed me the plaid shirt with the green tones I was giddy because I just knew the bus location would be perfect… and it was!

All of these looks were created in a 90 minute session and we had a blast creating them!

Oh, and I can’t forget the killer session video we got… we were lucky that someone was working with smoke bombs in the garage right before us so we got some really awesome light patterns!

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