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Meet Max – Keller High School

I say it often and I will say it again… guys are so under-represented when it comes to senior photos! I think some people would think that maybe guys just are not into having their photos done, but I think it is more about expectations, learning what they really want from a session, and ultimately making them feel comfortable being photographed. Bottom line: guys want cool photos of themselves!

The moment I met Max I knew we would have a great session. He had a great sense of style and chose great outfits for his session. We chatted a bit about music and his love of mountain biking and he quickly relaxed into the photos. In fact, Max turned out to be quite the model!

By the end of the session, I could see a fully confident guy having a blast taking photos and I knew I had done my job! I even got some genuine laughs for mom. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Dana Sandler says:

    Thank you Angela! It was truly a wonderful session and was one of the highlights from his senior year.

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