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FEATURED: Undiscovered in Print

So I had the most amazing collaboration with a local boutique (a store that I have literally been fan girling over for quite some time to be honest!)  The challenge was to do a concept shoot based around the theme of a costume party.  Of course I knew that most would take the traditional Halloween costume type approach but I wanted to dig a bit deeper.

What makes people like dressing up in a costume so much?

I think it is the idea that you can be someone else for a while… or channel another side of your personality.

So, when Nikko Blu Boutique in Keller started posted some rock inspired outfits on their website the idea struck me to pay tribute to our own inner rocker girls and collaborate to create a WOMEN IN ROCK AND ROLL shoot!

Nikko Blu knocked it out of the park with the styling and came up with the perfect outfits for Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Joan Jett, Blondie and Stevie Nicks and then I found the perfect models from my AMPSENIOR Model Team to play the part.  And the makeup artist I brought in for the day, Alyssa with Blissfully Resilent did an awesome job re-creating the makeup looks for the girls!  You can check out her work here on instagram!

The result: A super fun photo shoot, jamming to great tunes and playing like we were all rock stars!

And I am happy to say that the final images turned out perfectly… and so proud to say that our amazing collaboration was selected to be featured on the UNDISOVERED!

Here is a peek at the gorgeous WOMEN in ROCK we paid tribute to…. and here is a link to the feature

We all have another side to ourselves… and simply putting on a costume gives us a chance to express that other side.


Welcome to the Ladies of Rock Costume Party…

Whether it be a dreamer, a performer, mysterious, glamorous or a wild side… As a photographer, I admire these women in rock and wanted to give these women a chance to put on their ‘costume’ and tap into the other side of their personality. And maybe… some of the things they thought they were not, they actually are.

“Live your life outside the box, 
Blow off all the empty talk.
They focus on the things you’re not, 
Just walk your walk.”
– Joan Jett, Different



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